202-3 spiral pre-press machine


This machine is a continuous spiral pre-press machine for vegetable oil factory pre-press; leaching or twice pressing process, processing peanuts, cottonseed kernels, rapeseed, sunflower oil and other large oil content. The pressed cake is loose but not crushed, help solvent penetration, cake oil content and water suitable for leaching.
     Its main features: horizontal auger vertical synchronization, virgin bore axial split, the center bore shell fixed dovetail with a single bolt clamp, open and close the breech shell structure using a hinge, and the use of cold - warm cooling structure; the total process is segmented spiral structure, using a labyrinth seal gasket between the screw and the bushing, set aside in a spiral-tight spiral. The machine has a novel design, reasonable structure, both automatic and manual calibration function cake, without stopping Ripper cleaning and replacement of wearing parts, large capacity, low power consumption, small footprint, and low cost. Plants can satisfy a wide range of pre-press needs Zhichang oil extraction process.



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