The technology of my company for pretreatment
and pre-pressing which mainly include the cleaning,extrusion,
flaking,decrustation and pre-pressing and so on...

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Oil refining is according to the difference of oil
and the impurities in the physical and chemical properties,
separate the grease and impurity by some technical ways...

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Oil extraction plant designed by Zhengzhou first Company
mainly Contains Rotocel extractor, Loop type extractor
and Towline extractor. According to different raw material...

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The pressure applied to the oil the better, the greater
the oil discharge capillary diameter, the number,
the better the flow of oil capillary as short as possible...

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It uses vacuum filtration, automatic temperature
control function. Good quality out of the product oil.
Fragrant flavor, the oil rate is still high...

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Materials are of high quality metal materials to
improve the performance of the machine to ensure
that the parts of life...

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