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High automatic soybean oil mill plant


Soybeans are especially valuable because the same automated presses yield two important products with closely linked markets—soybean oil and, representing more than 80 percent of the total, soybean meal.

Crude oil refining machine, also 20T Soybean oil refinery plant crude oil refining machine. Crude oil, generally refers to oil that contains certain inedible (or industrial) impurities is extracted from vegetable oil by leaching grease or press process.The main components of crude oil is a mixture of fatty acid triglycerides (commonly known as neutral oil). In addition to the neutral oil, the crude oil also contains a non-ester material (collectively impurities), the type, nature, the state can be divided into three categories, mechanical impurities, fat-soluble, and water-soluble impurities.

The purpose of oil refiningOil refining, usually refers to refining of crude oil. The presence of impurities in the crude oil, not only affects the food value and safe storage of oil, but also brings difficult to the deep processing, but refining purposes, not will remove all the impurities of oil, but to remove impurities that are bad for food, storage, industrial production, such as gossypol, proteins, phospholipids, mucus, moisture. But useful "impurities", such as tocopherols, etc. you want to keep. Thus, according to different requirements and use, unwanted and harmful impurities are removed from the oil to obtain the refined oil in line with a certain quality standards, it is oil refining purposes. Based on the operating characteristics and raw materials, oil refining methods can be broadly divided into three types, mechanical, chemical and physical chemical method.

Above refining methods often can not be completely separated. A method sometimes used, and it will produce another refining effect. Such as alkali refining (neutralization of free fatty acids) is a typical chemical method, however, the reaction produced soap can absorb part of the pigment, mucus and protein, and is separated from the oil. Thus, alkali refining is accompanied by physical and chemical processes. Oil refining is more complex and flexible work, must be based on oil refining purposes, taking into account the technical and economic conditions, select the appropriate method of refining. Welcome to inquiry on 20T Soybean oil refinery plant crude oil refining machine.


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