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Soybean oil crops are low, usually soybean oil content in the 11-20% range, the soybean oil press process is as follows:

1, Pressing: Soy - Cheongju Miscellaneous - Broken - Softening - flaking

Instructions: Soybean with size 12 mesh / inch mesh screening to the complex, so that the impurity content of less than 0.1%, then into the crushing, crushing degree of valve 2-4, and then softened to a moisture content in soybeans about 15%, the softening time 40-50 minutes, then flaking, flaking use two points: First, destroy tissue easily flow out of the oil from the cells, and second granular oilseeds rolled into thin sheets, surface area increases, increasing the area of ​​oil, grease and greatly shorten the distance to leave blanks; steamed into the wok steamed fried, steamed soybeans Scoop moisture in the 1.5-2.8% range, the temperature to 100 That can begin to enter a press pressed to 110 degrees. Cake thickness control in about l-1.5 mm.

2, Cold-pressed: cold-pressed soybean whole seeds can be pressed, so that when the whole seed according to strict control of water, generally 8~10% of control, and note that according to the heating, the temperature rose to about 80 degrees before making news station.

Soybean moisture levels of the cold pressing method of manual inspection: incisors can bite cut bite molars flat shape and surface cracks, a slight noise is appropriate; if the flat shape, no cracks too wet, if a huge voice broke bite, it's too dry, you need to press the right amount of moisture before adjustment.


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