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Choose a good life, oil extraction equipment eat more at eas


Life safety issues of oil a people are most concerned about the impact oil extraction equipment selection is good or bad for oil is very large, but want to make edible oil manufacturers to choose what kind of equipment is very critical, following Zhengzhou peak oil leaching equipment leaching equipment company to tell you about!
(1) preparation of size and moisture content of the raw embryo direct leaching, requiring students embryo embryo powder thickness thin small degree. This will not only expand the contact area of oil and solvent, the solvent diffusion reduces the fat away, but also conducive to a solvent or a mixture of oil out of the material in the percolation rate.
(2) raise the temperature of oil extraction leaching temperature can promote the diffusion, helping improve the leaching rate.
(3) the height of the material layer on the pan extractor, the higher the expected level, the greater the production capacity of the equipment. But the material layer is too high, the pressure is easy to form blocks, increasing solvent or mixture of oil percolation resistance. Thus requiring extraction grid loading was 80% to 85% of the material lattice. (4) the use of spray shower system - Drain - Spray large intermittent spray method can effectively improve the leaching effect. In a pan extractor in combination should give full play to the role of soaking and percolation.
(5) oil extraction time; Theoretically, leaching time is long, feed oil have enough time to diffuse into the solvent, and therefore can be reduced to lower the residual oil seed meal.
When the feed oil is leached to a certain extent, even if prolonged leaching time, the residual rate is not reduced, so the indefinite extension of the leaching time is not economically feasible. For dry meal residual rate of 1% or less, effective leaching time is about 60 to 70min.first Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. always adhere to the "science and technology, the quality of survival, in good faith to create the market to seek effective management" painstaking develop innovations to improve the quality, focusing on continuous development of new technology, new technology, new equipment, and first-class equipment, improved technology, the modern concept of quality service, to provide customers with the ideal modern grain machinery processing equipment. first mechanical willing to work with new and old customers at home and abroad to promote friendship and common development.

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