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Leaching equipment for screen selection techniques


Screen in many mechanical devices are common, before being put to use, you first need to do is select the right screen, so as to let it play its value, then the screen for leaching equipment selection techniques have what does?
Leaching equipment mesh models with JM and JMG, said, JM, said Lun silk cotton mesh flour for industrial use, weaving method is single and double diameter heavy flat organization. JMG and JM difference lies in the different wire diameter and weaving methods and purposes, JMG coarse mesh wire diameter, with full twist weaving methods.
Under moderate flow, suction normal circumstances, the lower mesh aperture of the first paragraph of the material into the machine through the mesh aperture and retained full mesh aperture average screen size for the fourth paragraph of the all-pass mesh material, intermediate two by the difference between the average screen size distribution before and after the segment, and if the gap is small, the same two adjacent grid mesh optional.
The upper section of the screen surface leaching equipment with relatively sparse put a grade lower. When the flow is large, require increased the proportion of undersize material or material scattered when poor, according to the operation of equipment all the screen surface or a surface layer of the screen to put one or two grades dilute.

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