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How to deal with the problem hat soybean oil press equipment


When the soybean crop press press, can not avoid some of this or that issue, when customers can communicate with us soybean oil press factory any time! For the press, in fact, take the 5% residue circumstances are normal so customers need not worry. But if you take the dregs too serious, it depends on the next specification, first find out what the cause of their own to try to solve the next, it can not be resolved, you can consult technology, so the effect is quite good.
Soybean oil press slag serious risk, we press the Henan Academy of grain manufacturers to explain to you the reason:
1. Water inappropriate virgin material
2. the cake mouth gap is too small
3. Luo mother pressed virgin ring too loose
Soybean oil press to take seriously the slag, oil press manufacturer we give you the following suggestions:
1. The transfer of the cake thickness is too thin. Disposal methods. Adjust the cake thickness thicker again.
2. The oil-bearing crops in virgin bore heating or frying temperature is too high or too low division. Disposal methods is to control the temperature of oil crops.
3. The cage bars loose circle. Then divide the circle will change cage bars. If the assembly can be missing then reassembled.
4. The new machine is not running-wear or parts will lead to this phenomenon. Disposal methods is to continue the run or change parts.
5. Soybean oil press at a press oil, if a small amount of slag run phenomenon is a normal phenomenon (slag allowed to run up to 5%). If you run a large amount of slag, it needs to be adjusted. From the perspective of oil, fuel moisture content inappropriate, too dry or too wet, the phenomenon occurs slag running, fuel is too wet bar row running investigation into a sheet, the cake is soft hand grip into a slug flow in oil white foam. If the oil is too dry, powdery residue article row ran out into the pale pink cake, poor flow of oil, the oil inside the gap should be less pressing bore. That is, when the strips of Article bear some of the last row of a strip to hand hammering, 100 Park soybean oil press row pinch nut should be tightened more.

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