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What is the advantage of frist extraction equipment


Leaching accounted for more than 8, because the high cost of pressing. Not the production cost and production efficiency, but the rate of oil, chemical leaching method about about 20%, while pressing as pure physical method the oil rate is only about 13%, the cost difference at a glance.
The advantages of the extraction equipment:
1, leaching agent concentration: the higher the concentration of leaching, the faster the speed, the leaching rate is also higher, but have a certain limit.
The stirring speed of 2, when the leaching of mixing faster, general leaching speed is fast, but it will reach a certain limit. This is related to the control step.
3, leaching temperature: leaching temperature is higher, the leaching rate is also faster, but it will reach a certain limit. This is related to the control step.
Size 4, material: material is also related to the smaller, faster leaching, but the particle size over grinding can also cause bad influence.
5, the leaching process of choice: mainly adopts a leaching process, a countercurrent leaching and cross flow, and flow, gap etc..
Also have an impact method and device 6, such as: pressure leaching and leaching.
The leaching process analysis system:
1, using a fixed grid plate extractor is currently the most advanced, wide application range, easy operation and management, production and installation of disposable ready, in the use of the process does not require maintenance. Because the gate with a fixed plate made of stainless steel, has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, long service life. To overcome the shortcomings of large amount of maintenance, the maintenance cost is high. Good leaching effect, fixed grid plate extractor is to promote material progress so that the material under the state of flip accept of uniformly soaking, solvent penetration is good, can reduce the meal of residual oil in 0.5%. Fixed grid plate extractor material is kept in relative motion in the production process, so that the material is not easy to form a "bridge" phenomenon, operation is convenient, but also conducive to the smooth transition process under the. At the same time, as the grid plate adopts the trapezoidal grate bars are fixedly arranged itself has the self-cleaning properties simply does not appear to be blocked grid plate. The blanking is not shaken, the purification production workshop environment. Drain effect is good, according to the different material design corresponding grid strip density and immersion and drain segment matching different gap, is conducive to the immersion liquid formation and drain effect, can reduce desolventizer toaster load.
Technology of siphon type spraying device with good performance of 2, intermittent spray velocity uniformity and stability, can improve the spraying quality, minimizing the effect of residual oil meal.
3 ways for the new technology will spray leaching solvent oil two cycles, oil mixed oil segment overflow bucket. This process is equivalent to the increase in the amount of solvent spray without increasing the solvent ratio, the frequency and time of washing increases, increases the concentration of mixed oil, residual oil in meal to ensure effective index. The practice proves that the use of two new technology of spray and reduce evaporation and condensation recovery system load, ensure the solution further decline in consumption, steam consumption.
The 4 extractor extractor variable speed device speed can be adjusted according to different materials and the required production and process free, simple and reliable.
The design capacity of 5 extractor, material height, yield generally have 20 to 40% margin, improve yield, increase benefit.

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