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Analysis on the comprehensive benefit of soybean oil process


This analysis is based on soybean as an example, according to the calculation of a ton of soybean. Cost as:
1, according to the price of beans cost 1.8 yuan. Shipped home costs will need 1.85 yuan. Then need to put the cost of beans 1.85x2000=3900 yuan.
2, 2 artificial calculation. 1 tons of soybeans require about 10x2=20 yuan.
3, electricity: the average per ton of soybean power consumption of 20-30 degrees (according to soybean oil processing equipment is not the same size of the machine power consumption is not the same, large machines, a single ton of power consumption is small). We are 30 degrees, the cost of 30x1=30 yuan.
4, the coal consumption: average per ton of soybeans to coal consumption in 15-20 yuan (according to the size of soybean oil processing equipment is not the same machine coal consumption is not the same, the soybean oil processing equipment tons consumption of a small amount of coal). We are at 20 yuan.
5, rent: according to a ton of soybean 20 yuan. (including production, storage, etc.).
6, so the cost of the required: 3900+20+30+20+20=3990 yuan.
The yield of soybean oil is 14%-18% (green beans, beans are not considered), the profit analysis we calculated in accordance with the minimum oil rate of 14%.
1, out of the oil for 2000x14%=280 kg. Stupid soybean oil according to regional differences in price, basically the price between 6 to 12 yuan. We take the minimum value of 6 yuan. Soybean oil income is: 280x6=1680 yuan.
2, the general soybean meal can be 80% to 82% or so. We calculate the meal rate by 80%. 2000x80%=1600 jin. The market price of soybean meal and soybean prices basically unchanged, that is 1.8 yuan per catty. Soybean meal income is: 1600x1.8=2880 yuan.
3, the total revenue is: 1680+2880=4560 yuan.
The profit is: 4560 - 3990=570 yuan. The profit is 0.285 yuan per kilogram of beans.
The above calculation method is: the lowest oil yield calculation. Cost price is high. So the real profit is higher than the profit of this calculation.
This calculation method is for reference only. Market prices are different in different periods. If you are not in conformity with the actual situation.
Some areas belong to the main producing areas of oil, people buy soybean oil processing equipment can be processed, earn processing fees. According to the different processing costs of oil crops.
General processing is calculated in accordance with raw materials. A pound of raw materials processing fees generally between 0.3 yuan to 0.6 yuan. And a pound of raw materials costs generally between 0.05 yuan to 0.08 yuan (including water, electricity, coal, labor, etc.). So the average processing cost is 0.22 yuan or more. Is generally not a small income. According to one day deal with 2 tons of raw materials, the income of one day: 4000x0.22=880 yuan.

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